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There has been a ratio of 1:5 thrown around over the years. One adult to 5 kids. Chap Clark, Fuller Theological Seminary, proposes the idea of flipping that ratio to 5:1 and encouraging 5 adults to invest in 1 kid. He believes that the 5:1 ratio will increase the chances that a kids faith will stick. EOYoungLife desires that kids come to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ and for that to stick their whole life. We believe the more Jesus Loving/Kid Loving Adults we get connected to kids in our community the better chance we have of kids being in a relationship with Jesus and staying in a relationship with Jesus.  Young Life may not be able to provide all 5 adults but we are trying. We are trying to accomplish this through our different leadership teams and partnership with Church's, Parishes, the schools, and other like minded organizations. (Read more about our Partnerships)

Adults in the community are important to Young Life. Adults can support Young Life in a variety of ways — by becoming a volunteer leader or committee member, by attending a Young Life fund-raising event, by hosting Young Life or by simply telling others in the community about Young Life and its commitment to kids. You will get a front row seat for watching God work in kids lives. So if you are a Jesus Loving/Kid Loving Adult - below are a few ways to help get involved in the work that Young Life is doing in Eastern Ottawa.  
Volunteer Leader

We are currently involved in 11 different school and we close to 85+ leaders spread out over those schools. We have a desire to have around 110 leaders. Currently many of our leaders are college age students, but leadership is not limited to that age. We welcome all ages and stages of life! If you are a Jesus Loving/Kid Loving adult we need you! There is a training process then you will have the opportunity to be place in either a middle school (WyldLife), High School (Young Life) or GVSU (Young Life College​) 
​​Leadership Support Teams

Leadership Support Teams come around a particular school and care for the leaders doing the direct ministry.  They pray for them, send notes of encouragement, make meals for team meetings, get the word out about Young Life in their school community, and simply look to raise the level of care for the leaders doing the direct ministry with kids.

Attend a Young Life Camp for a day or a week in the Adult Guest Lodge at Timber Wolf Lake. The Lodge has eight private rooms and baths and is tastefully decorated to rival any exclusive resort. The lodges are located at the perimeter of the camps, within walking distance of all the exciting  activities for kids.  During the week you will be hosted and given the chance to participate or relax and observe. Either way you'll be able to witness the great ministry that's making a difference in the world of young people.

Adult Work Crew

The Area Committee helps behind the scenes to ensure the high quality of ministry.  The Committee's roles include publicity, prayer, fundraising, event planning and much more.  We also have a number of Teams around certain events like our annual banquet, golf outing, and 5K Fun Run.

It costs money to accomplish all of our goals.  Your financial gifts help us meet our budget, which includes items such as club and activity expenses, office supplies, leader training, and our staff compensation. You can learn more about our budget and our needs by visiting the "Give" page.

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