Stocks can be a great way to give to Eastern Ottawa Young Life. Giving shares of stock, whose market value has increased since first acquired, enables you to benefit substantially from certain provisions of the federal income tax code. A stock gift requires careful coordination between you, your stockbroker, Young Life's stockbroker and the stock accountant at the Service Center.

Please contact us if you would like to give in this way: or 616-209-8352
​Shares Held in an Account
​You will have to ask your broker to make an electronic transfer of the shares to Young Life's Merrill Lynch Colorado Springs account. Contact Eastern Ottawa's office for the Account Number and DTC number. The effective trade date for tax purposes of the gift for this method (for the value of the shares) is t​he date the shares come out of the donor’s account. Once the stock is transferred into Young Life's account, you will receive notification of the transfer, and a receipt will be sent to you.
​Shares held by you
​Please sign the stock over to Young Life, either by endorsing the back of the certificate or by using the stock power. Please make sure to sign exactly how the name(s) appear on the front of the certificate. If you have already had the certificate reissued in the name of Young Life, it is not necessary to provide us with a stock power. Both types should then be mailed. Contact Eastern Ottawa's Area office for Address. Due to the nature of the document being mailed, we recommend that you send it via certified/registered/express mail. When the certificate is received, it will be immediately liquidated and a receipt will be sent to you. The effective date of the gift made in this manner is the date of the postmark for certificates still registered to the you, and the certificate date for those that have been reissued in the name of Young Life.
​Shares of a Mutual Fund
​Please contact the Eastern Ottawa's office and they will get you in contact with our stock accountant to discuss how to initiate the transfer. Because each mutual fund company has its own unique procedures, we will need to contact your mutual fund company or your broker to coordinate the most efficient way to make the transfer.

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