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Maria Tchakarov

Entering high school, I had a lot of unspoken questions.  What I didn’t know was the questions swirling around in my mind were divinely appointed. I was craving so deeply to believe in God, but it seemed too good to be true.  I remember getting on my knees one night and begging the air: If there really is a God, please come and save me. He heard me that night. Soon after, my friend Riley asked me to come to this thing called “Young Life.” I went and I wept. My Young Life leader, Courtney, told me about a man named Jesus that night. The decision was simple, really. Saying yes to Jesus is the most profound gift I have ever received, and it found me in the middle of a darkness that I had only communicated to the air. Since then I have needed to step into peoples’ lives and tell them what I knew. I needed them to experience what I had. I started leading Young Life my Freshman year of college and I’m still here today. A lot of things pale in comparison to seeing a kid understand God’s love for the first time because I know what that feels like. 

As a Young Life staff member in Coopersville I desire to walk alongside Christ in the work that He has already started and to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ in both word and loving action to every kid. I want to create sustainability in the ministry  in Coopersville by building into relationships with the community and kids alike, providing an opportunity for the hands and feet of Coopersville to serve and love every kid. I also want to communicate to every middle school and high school kid the love that Jesus has for them and the hope that they process in having a relationship with Him.

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