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Hey!! I’m Kyle Steffey!! I am currently going into my third year leading Baldwin Street Middle School WyldLife and it’ll also be my second year of being a team leader for BMS WyldLife. Outside of leading Wyldlife, I currently Major in Marketing with a Minor in Hospitality Tourism Management at GVSU. 

Growing up, we were a Christmas and Easter family.  Then in 8th grade my friends would always spend their Saturday nights at WyldLife club and were all going to Winter Weekend at Timberwolf Lake. Once I went to Timberwolf I was hooked. I went to all the Bible Studies, clubs, and camps I could attend from then on, and ended up giving my life to Jesus my sophomore year of high school. My leader, Jake Kirk, was with me every step of the way.

I started leading WyldLife in Fenton when I was in high school and my goal was to get to know the lord better and serve him in a way that I had never experienced. But as I grew in my faith walk and as a leader, my focus turned towards being a mentor in kids lives like Jake Kirk was/is for me, and hopefully lead them to Jesus along the way.

Leading WyldLife is not only extremely rewarding for a kid, but also just as rewarding as a leader. Going into my 6th year of leading, I’m excited to start my new journey of joining Student Staff, and the inevitable rewards that will come with that.
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