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Jonah Pit - Student Staff

​I am lucky enough to be one of the team leaders at Baldwin Street Middle School, and also a leader at Hudsonville High School, starting fall 2017. I recently completed my sophomore year at GVSU and am double majoring in finance and marketing.
Young Life was always a place I felt welcomed, invited, and loved. In the midst of tough times, changing friends, and worldly influences, I knew I could always count on my leader to be there for me. It was through Young Life that I discovered what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus and just how much He wants to be in my life!
This fall I will be entering my third year being a leader, and there’s something so special about the opportunity I have been given. Seeing kids find joy, happiness, and life through Jesus is incredible and so special. Seeing kids become friends with people they see in the halls but have never talked to, is something that continues to happen in our schools. Being a leader and now taking the next step in my faith journey in doing student staff, hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been rewarding. Thank you for joining me on this journey- your impact is eternal.
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