Jacob Faunce - SS

I am blessed to be able to team-lead Hudsonville Young Life and become friends with high school students in this school! On top of team-leading, I also just started my first year as a Student Staffer in EOYoungLife, as well as my Junior year at Grand Valley State University. studying both Supply Chain Management and Management Information Systems.

I never experienced Young Life growing up. My first encounter in Young Life culture was when a few of my hometown friends wanted to get involved in leadership to disciple and mentor students in the area. This is really when God first gave me notice of this wonderful reality: that all students are equally deserving of a love that is unrelenting and inclusive. Ever since signing up for leadership, God has expanded my heart for the boys who go to Hudsonville high school through various experiences.

Currently, I am entering my third year at Hudsonville, and I absolutely love to see the changes that we have made to invite more students—especially the students that are generally forgotten about. Every moment I get to spend with students changes the direction of my life, and I hope theirs as well. Becoming a Student Staff member was one of the most challenging things I have ever had to pray about, but it also proved to revive the earnestness of my prayer life. To this day, I am convinced that most of my joy in life comes from being involved with Young Life.

And for that, thank you for joining me on the work being done for the Kingdom in Hudsonville High School!

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