Our staff and leaders at Eastern Ottawa Young Life care about students but there are times that talking with a caring third party can help bring new insight to challenging situations or help identify unhealthy patterns. These are a few of the many benefits gained when working with a professional counselor. While their are many options, we wanted to share a few people that you could consider seeing.

​Matt DeHoog, LLPC

​Matt DeHoog is the currently an Associate Regional Director with Young Life in the Grand Rapids Meto Area. Matt has been working with students with Young Life 16 years. He also is a licensed Therapist at Wellspring Couseling. He got his degree at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and has been practicing for 4 years.
Contact Matt:
Phone: 616-460-3341

​Allison Waldron, MA, LLPC

​Allison is a formor Young Life leader but now works full time for Brave Grand Rapids. She is a graduate of Grand Valley Sate University where she recived her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and graudated from Cornerstone University with her Master of Arts in Counceling. Allison belives that every person has a unique story. Counseling is a place for people to share their stories in a safe, non-judgmental enviornment. Allison has worked with many individuals on issues involving anxiety, depression, self-worth, identity, trauma, self-management, and spiritual concerns. Allison believes that everyone can change and thus, have the freedom to choose which direction their lives take and the responsibilty to take control of that freedom.
Contact Allison:
Phone: 616-419-8628

​Elizabeth Droppers, LMFT

Elizabeth Droppers.jpg
Elizabeth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Stat of Michigan. She works with Alliance Counseling Group in Grand Rapids. Her practice is focused primarily on girls and women. She really enjoys working with high school and college students, and she specializes in treating clients who are dealing with anxiety or depression, relational hardships or self-esteem troubls, grief or transtion. She believes that counseling can become a safe haven, and that through a caring and nuturing atmosphere, clents can learn healthy ways of coping with life's stressors and gain fresh perspectives on life's difficulites. Her trainig in couseling is integrative, combining faith and psychology, making her a good fit for clients who prefer working with a counselor who is Christian. Elizabeth also specializes in doing couple therapy.
Contact Elizabeth
Phone: 616-222-0631

​Mike Walton, M.Div., M.A., LLPC

Mike Walton is a former youth minister for Youth for Christ and Solomon’s Porch Church. He received a Masters of Divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary and a Masters of Counseling from Cornerstone University. Mike now runs Second Story Counseling and provides counseling services with a heart for ministry workers. Mikes story has instilled in him a desire to step into the broken areas of people’s stories to help them find healing and the ability to write a new story. Every story has it’s highs and lows and sometimes we need help taking all the pieces of our story and making sense of them. Mike's passion is to help you take those pieces and help them make sense. Together you will find healing in the midst of life’s pain, and Mike will walk with you to help you better understand your place in the larger story in which we find ourself.
Contact Mike
Phone: 616-426-9034

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