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Adult Guest


Attend a Young Life Camp for a day, a weekend, or a week in the summer in the Adult Guest Lodge at Timber Wolf Lake or Cataway Club. You can attend for a weekend during the school season or for a whole week during the summer. You can go to camp the same weekend/week as EOYoungLife kids and leaders (EOYoungLife Camp Dates) or you can go any of the other weeks. (TWL Summer Camp Dates or Castaway Summer Dates) At Timber Wolf Lake you would stay in the Lumberjack Lodge. The Lumberjack Lodge has nine private rooms and baths and is tastefully decorated to rival any exclusive resort. (See more pictures) The Lumberjack Lodge is located at the perimeter of  camp, within walking distance of all the exciting  activities for kids. At Castaway you would stay in the Clipper. The Clipper has six bedrooms, each with its own private bath and entrance. The back porch overlooks the lake. During the week you will be hosted and given the chance to participate or relax and observe. Either way you'll be able to witness the great ministry that's making a difference in the world of young people.​

School Season

If you want to attend during the school season the cost is $90 person person for the weekend. These are the guest fees regardless of whether or not you stay for the entire weekend, so we hope you will join us for the whole time! The weekend begins around 8pm Friday night and goes until Sunday around noon. Full payment is required to complete your reservation. If you cancel at least 72 hours in advance, and we can still find someone else to use the room, you will receive a full refund.

Typical schedule for a weekend camp: Weekend Schedule.pdfWeekend Schedule.pdf


During the summer you can stay for the week or just a night or two. Either way the cost is $61 per guest per night. That includes 3 meals a day. You will be asked to check into your rooms after breakfast the day you arrive and check out before breakfast the day you are leaving. You can sign up for this starting Dec 1. If you do not plan on staying the whole week we can not guarantee you a room until after March 1. 
Typical schedule for a week at summer camp: Weekly Schedule.pdfWeekly Schedule.pdf


There are no kids allowed in the Adult Guest Lodge but there is another building on camp called Coyote Cove. Coyote Cove has 8 private rooms with a communal living room, kitchen and bathroom. It is tastefully decorated to rival any exclusive resort. If you would ike to take your kids this is a great place to stay. The fee for each weekend guest age 13 & over is $90. (Children ages 4-12 are $45, and children ages 0-3 are free.)


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